India star Virat Kohli showed his delightful side and hilariously explained the meaning of the' Lappa' shot which is generally used while playing road justice by ordinary men.

Kohli is gearing up for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 and will take part in the T20I series against Australia starting on Tuesday.

The Delhi- born player also spent his nonage playing road justice and when he was lately asked about ‘ lappa shot ’,

the star batsman was in complete splits as he went onto recollect some funny moments while describing the meaning of the slang.

Ahead of India’s match against Australia, a videotape, named Do You Know Your Justice shoptalk, went viral as soon as it was uploaded

Lappa is a slog overmid-wicket. A joe who presumably does not know how to club well knows only one shot, which is lappa, ” Kohli said.

striking on his road justice days, he added “ We've played a lot like this.

there were a lot of players who knew only this shot, just a slog overmid-wicket.

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